As a life-long health and nutrition enthusiast I’ve enjoyed keeping up with the latest health and nutrition research topics. I also like to share any helpful information crossing my path.  With the current level of research in every area and the speed in which it’s shared we are becoming smarter and less likely to accept a status quo. To my regret I’m not one of the lucky ones looking through a microscope or standing beside a brilliant researcher.  But I do love being on the heels of their ongoing research.  For example, and you may know, there is research going on which would allow us to implant a tooth bud formed from our own stem cells and grow a new tooth. Or the remarkable research finally bubbling to the surface regarding the benefits of the Cannabis plant oils (cannabinoids) aka Marijuana.  Other examples are the benefits of the phytochemicals in plants. The importance of pH (potential hydrogen) balance. Hydration.

The benefits of adequate circulation throughout our body using in addition to exercise; light and frequency waves. How we can see beyond the cellular level genetics right down to the quarks. The fascinating ways in which they work and importantly how they work together to create us, help us stay healthy and give us the wonderful feeling of homeostasis. What I am about is also what Self Centered Health is about learning and sharing the best information and products which assist us with good health and well-being.

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Every business has a beginning, and this is where we tell ours.  We understand that people want to know what advantages there is to being visiting our site and how our passion cane led to the creation of not only something new but of a healthy lifestyle.

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